Ukraine Crisis

Help provide practical and emotional support for those forced from their homes in Ukraine.

12 April 2022 Update

The number of those fleeing their homes in Ukraine now exceeds 10 million people and our partner on the ground, Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA), is continuing to provide both practical and emotional support to those impacted by this crisis.

Through a new coalition, called the Emergency Action Alliance (EAA), we are partnering with 14 other Australian-based member charities – including Oxfam, Save the Children Australia, Caritas Australia and Australia for UNHCR, supported by the ABC and the Government – to create together a single, simple way for Australians to donate to the relief effort, and to ensure those funds are used effectively on the ground.

On 30th March, a concert took place in Birmingham, England, with performances from big names like Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, Nile Rogers & Chic and Snow Patrol, who helped spread a message of hope and raise vital funds for Ukraine. The concert was played on ABC as part of the Emergency Action Alliance appeal here in Australia, helping raise $1.5 million in addition to the $2 million already pledged by The Australian Government.


Since 24th February, the world has been in shock at the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Many children are filled with horror at the sound of missiles, mothers are trying desperately to reassure their children, and fathers worst fears are coming to life.  It’s a horrific situation as the devastation continues to unfold reaching a heartbreaking milestone.

The scale of this crisis is unlike anything seen in Europe since the Second World War.

Act for Peace condemns this invasion, and our hearts are with the people of Ukraine and Russia who have been suddenly caught in a full-scale invasion they didn’t want or even believe was possible. 

Our ACT Alliance partners in neighbouring Hungary have already sent truckloads of relief to support families forced to flee their homes due to the war. The shipments include 178 tons of canned food, flour, sugar, oil, rice, pasta, biscuits, long-life milk, tea and hygiene products which will be distributed at the Beregszász and Uzhhorod reception centres in Western Ukraine.  

But much more help will be needed for those forcibly displaced from their homes.

Your gifts will help our partners on the ground provide both the practical and emotional support that those impacted by this crisis so desperately need. 

Please give urgently today.

Banner Image: Firefighters work on a fire on a building after bombings on the eastern Ukraine town of Chuguiv, as Russian armed forces invade Ukraine from several directions. Photo: Aris Messinis/AFP via Getty Images.

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Our ACT Alliance partners on the ground have distributed 178 tonnes of aid to families displaced by the war. Much, much more is needed. Photo: Fekete Dániel, Hungarian Interchurch Aid.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis. Please give what you can today to support families forced from their homes by the conflict. Photo: Aris Messinis/AFP via Getty Images.

Our partner shared the story of a young Ukrainian mother of three who is seeking refuge from this war. She described her family’s journey to Hungary’s Berehovo border crossing:

“My husband is on the frontlines. The women of my family have decided to take our children away from danger. By the time we were leaving Kherson we heard that Dnipro was being bombed so we had to take a different way.

My children were asking where are we going and I couldn’t come up with an answer. We heard that the Polish border is completely jammed, so we decided to cross the mountains and try to make it into Hungary. My sister is still on the way, I have no idea where she or my nieces are.”

Sadly, this story is far from unique. Millions more families will need urgent help as they are forcibly displaced from their homes in Ukraine.

Antonia* (10) holds Galyna* (3) at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border on March 2, 2022. Antonia fled with her family from near the Crimean Peninsula. She brought with her one toy and a colouring book, which she has already given to another child who had no toys at all. Image: Antti Yrjönen / FCA.  *Names have been changed.

2.7 million people, like these on the platform of Lviv railway station on 27th February, have fled Ukraine to neighbouring countries in search of safety, taking the few belongings they could carry.  Your support will help provide food, medicine and temporary shelter, as well as emotional support. Photo: Pavlo Palamarchuk/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

It’s too soon to know what will happen, but we do know that our partners on the ground remain committed to serving the people affected. And that right now, they need our backing to support families forcibly displaced by this horrific crisis.  

This is a situation we must respond to together. 

Please join us in keeping those affected by conflict in your hearts and thoughts as we look towards: 

  • A peaceful resolution to this crisis that prevents further human suffering. 
  • Safety for the children, women, and men who have been forced to flee their homes and country, and for those still in danger in Ukraine. 
  • The Russian citizens who have bravely declared their opposition to these attacks, and for all those who will bear the cost of a senseless war. 


If you would like to take even further action for the people of Ukraine, consider joining a peaceful protest in your area. 

At times like this, we are reminded of the responsibility of each of us to search for the things that unite us, rather than divide us. Act for Peace is inspired by the great acts of kindness being made by communities and our partners in the region, in solidarity with their neighbours uprooted by conflict and disaster and, we humbly ask that each of us redouble our commitment to work for peace in our world. 

Please give urgently today.

All donations are restricted to Act for Peace’s Ukraine crisis response work. If funds raised exceed amount needed for this appeal, excess funds will be used to support Act for Peace’s work in other communities around the world affected by conflict and disaster. Gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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