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No matter how big or small, your gift will help create a world where people uprooted by conflict or disaster have a safe place to belong.

Act for Peace was founded in 1948, by the then Australian Council for the World Council of Churches. They set out to provide urgently needed aid to refugees and others suffering in Europe from the horrors of the Second World War. 

Leading this work was Rev. Frank Byatt. As a Christian, Rev. Byatt believed he had a responsibility to share what he had with our brothers and sisters in urgent need around the world. That’s why on Christmas Day just one year later, he put a Bowl of Remembrance on the dinner table and asked his family to place a generous gift in it to ‘share your good dinner with hungry children in other lands.’  

Frank’s legacy continues to this day through the Christmas Bowl which has since raised over $100 million for people uprooted by conflict or disaster. Through a gift in your Will, you’ll also leave a legacy long into the future, helping to create a world where everyone has a safe place to belong.

Christmas Bowl founder Rev. Frank Byatt and his family in the early years of the Christmas Bowl.
“Leaving a gift just seemed like a natural extension of our faith – to go one step further.” – Rev. Dr. Clive Ayre and Gail Ayre have supported the Christmas Bowl for over forty years.

The difference you can make

After taking care of your loved ones, leaving a gift in your Will enables you to continue supporting a cause you care about, and we are honoured that you would consider us in this important decision. 

Together, we can continue to transform the lives of people experiencing displacement around the world. By choosing to leave a gift in your Will, you’re enabling Act for Peace to continue to work in partnership with communities around the world and create even more long-term, sustainable impact in the lives of people experiencing displacement around the world.  

Your gift will support programs which aim to ensure displaced people: 

•  Access critical physical and emotional support. 

•  Have control over their lives, leading activities that ensure their safety, dignity and rights. 

•  Advocate for change and help fix systems that cause violence, exclusion or abuse.


The programs and advocacy initiatives we support aim to ensure: 

•  Uprooted people lead initiatives that help build a safe, permanent future. 

•  Countries fairly share responsibility for supporting survivors of displacement. 

•  Communities lead initiatives to reduce the impact of disasters and other displacement drivers. 

•  Governments and the public take strong action to reduce conflict and climate-driven displacement. 

“Supporting Act for Peace’s work had been a part of mum and dad’s life and they wanted to continue that sense of giving. It was a proud moment to acknowledge and share their spirit of generosity.”

Rev. Ken Devereux explains the meaning behing his parents’ decision to leave a gift in their Will to Act for Peace.

how to leave a gift in your will

It only takes a moment to make a lifetime of difference.

For many people, leaving a gift in their Will has become an impactful way to make a big difference to a cause they care about. To help make this process easy for you, Act for Peace has partnered with Gathered Here, Australia’s most-trusted end-of-life services site, to offer all supporters a free online Will.  With just a few clicks you can easily and quickly create your free Will in the comfort of your own home, in just 10 minutes. Gathered Here also offers free and unlimited Will updates for life.

Whether you’re writing a new Will or amending your existing Will, you have the following options available to consider:

A residual gift: This gift is the remainder of your estate, after your loved ones have been provided for and your expenses have been deducted. 

A percentage gift: This gift is expressed as a percentage of your residuary estate. 

A specific gift: You can choose to leave a specified item, such as shares or property, or a fixed dollar amount. 

To learn more about the impact of leaving a gift in Will, you can download our Gift in Wills Information Pack. Alternatively, you can visit a solicitor to have your Will written or updated with a codicil. For suggested wording to give to your solicitor click here.

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Madeline Levitan

Madeline joined Act for Peace in 2021 and has held various roles in the Fundraising and Marketing department. With a corporate marketing background, she attained extensive experience in client relationship management. This led her into not-for-profit marketing and community fundraising, where her professional experience complimented her passion for helping others.

Her values of justice and equality drives her to advocate for all of humanity to have a safe place to belong. She is dedicated to developing meaningful engagements with supporters.

As a contact for our Gift in Wills program, Madeline is honoured to provide caring assistance for those who may be interested to leave a timeless legacy.

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