Helping you, help more people

How you can make a difference with a major gift.

Large gifts enable us to create even more long-term, sustainable impact on the lives of people experiencing displacement around the world. 

Your generosity will help us in supporting our partners and together, to work towards our vision of a world where people uprooted from their homes by conflict or disaster have a safe place to belong.

“Helping fund a gift match was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Because of the way it works, it not only multiplied my impact for people in need but also encouraged a fresh generation of givers. It’s hard to think of a better way to give.”

Four-time Ration Challenge Partner, Ian, increased the impact of his gift by inspiring participants to step up their fundraising efforts. Together, making an even greater difference to communities in need.

How it works

Connecting you with what you're passionate about.

When you make a large contribution to Act for Peace, we’re committed to honouring your generosity and ensuring you feel connected to where your money goes. 

We’ll work together to explore where you want to make an impact across our diverse portfolio of local partners and programs. We can also work with you to explore structured giving options such as PAF’s. It’s important to us that you feel assured you’ve made a meaningful investment in creating a better world.

Our partner in Gaza runs three primary healthcare clinics, which provide vital services to vulnerable and economically disadvantaged people, including pre and post-natal care, nutritional support, free prescribed medicine and dental care, and psychosocial support for mothers and children who have suffered trauma. Ben Littlejohn / Act for Peace

Our partner is working to address the gender gap in education and improving the quality of educational opportunities available for girls in rural areas of Pakistan. Act for Peace

Why give this way

Long-term Act for Peace supporter, Lyn, saved one of our partner's girls' education project through her contribution.​

“Like many retirees I review my investments from time to time to see how they are performing.  I discovered one opportunity for investment, a project for girls’ education, which at the time was struggling for funding.  It offered the possibility of long-term impact reaching far into the future, as we know how much education improves social and economic outcomes for girls and their communities.  I was chuffed when my targeted gift attracted attention from others and the project forged ahead.”

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Stephanie Lenert

Stephanie is our Senior Development Manager at Act for Peace. She plays an active role in the Fundraising and Marketing Department and uses her relationship experience to develop meaningful connections with supporters to identify projects of interest for major gifts. Committed to Act for Peace’s values, she represents the organisation externally in churches, schools, and community events. Her professional experience and passion for helping others drives her to advocate for global communities. Known for her strong relationship skills, she guides supporters on a meaningful journey, elevating their commitment in creating a world where people uprooted by conflict and disaster find a safe place to belong.
M +61 400 114 990