Your March Peace Mail from the CEO

Dear Friend,

This edition of Peace Mail looks a little different, as I wanted to take this opportunity to personally introduce myself to you – one of our most dedicated supporters.

As I enter my second month as the new CEO of Act for Peace, I reflect on what really inspired me for this role – the vision to create a world where everyone belongs.

I think belonging is the anchor that really allows people to feel that they exist in society, to feel that they are not alone.

As someone who has lived experience of being displaced, this is something I can put my passion into. In sharing my journey, I can highlight that behind every headline, behind everything we see in the news, there are great stories of families, their children, their people. They are real people who we can connect with. I think it’s very important for us to remind ourselves of that.

I lost my parents to conflict when I was a child and grew up with other orphans in refugee camps in South Sudan and Uganda. And there are points where you can either become hopeless or become hopeful. The majority of us, myself included, walked that narrow path in between.

In our humanitarian work, it’s about helping people to find a sense of hope, of being hopeful rather than hopeless.

If we can create that space where we can say to someone ‘you will have a meal tomorrow, you’ll have shelter tomorrow,’ that inspires hope. With a compassionate heart we say, every little step we take will create an impact for the future.

I’m passionate about building a sense of hope and I think Act for Peace and supporters like you bring hope to those who need it.

It’s quite remarkable how many times hope has been mentioned in the Bible. So, this is where we can bring our compassion together to help others.

A question that guides my work is ‘how do we build a global village which is very unified?’ That global village means our partners, members, supporters, government agencies and all those who are mobilised. To have a global village where we can all go out and create meaningful change and bring hope. We are the creators of the future, and it requires bringing our hearts, minds and souls together to create a world where everyone belongs.

People who are displaced are not just numbers. They are people with dreams, hopes and aspirations. How can we become part of those hopes and dreams? Because a lot of those individuals, like me, will follow their dreams and may even end up becoming a CEO! People who are displaced by conflict can become people who can have positive influence in the world in the future.

So it’s about thinking about who are the people behind those numbers? It’s up to us to create meaningful impact by holding people’s hands to provide safety so they can explore opportunities, and to realise their dreams and potential.

Thank you for being a part of this life-changing work. Together that’s what we will continue to build. The hope.

Elijah Buol OAM
Act for Peace CEO

Download this Peace Mail in PDF here.

Staff Profile: Elijah Buol

As a former refugee with extensive experience in human services, advocacy, people management and not-for-profit leadership, and a member of the Anglican Church, Elijah is well positioned to lead Act for Peace as we enter our 75th year.

Elijah brings a deep understanding of the issues people experiencing displacement face. After losing his parents to conflict when he was a child, he spent many years in refugee camps in South Sudan before coming to Australia in 2002 as a humanitarian unaccompanied minor.

In Australia he achieved university qualifications in Human Services, Justice and Law. Elijah has held various leadership positions, including Acting CEO with Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland, Executive Director of the Refugee Communities Association of Australia and most recently, the Queensland State Manager of Migration Support Programs for Australian Red Cross.

Your support is making a huge difference!   

Last month, Act for Peace Partners like you came together and raised $36,948.82 to help create, together, a world where people uprooted by conflict and disaster have a place to belong. Thank you!

Please pray:

  • For peace worldwide, especially in conflict regions, and for the safety and well-being of those who have been forced to leave their homes.
  • For communities globally facing increased climate-related disasters. Pray for resilience, support and sustainable solutions for those affected.
  • For our partners working in incredibly challenging environments around the world. May they be granted strength and wisdom as they create safe spaces for refugees and people who have been displaced.

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