Your June Peace Mail from Gaza

Rima, a mother of six, has been living in Jordan for 20 years after fleeing Gaza in 2004. Rima struggled to pay for rent and everyday household expenses, but everything changed thanks to the Forsa project. Credit: Khaled Alswidan/Act for Peace

My name is Rima*. I am from Gaza and lived there for 23 years before coming to live in Jordan.

In Gaza, we lived in a state of war, bombing and martyrs. I grew up without a mother and in an environment full of psychological pressure that became unbearable.

I came to Jordan in 2004 and now have six children. Three of my children have additional needs.

When I first arrived, I didn’t leave the house and our situation was very bad. I used to resort to debt to provide household expenses. I had accumulated payments on the house, as I was unable to pay the rent every month.

But now I have found motivation through the Forsa project. They took me from a negative situation to a positive one.

They motivated us and asked us what business we would like to start. I told them that I wanted to sell clothes from home, because of my children’s situation. The women here in the camp earn a good income from the needlework profession, and while I did not know needlework, I had a desire to learn this profession and earn an income.

Through the Forsa project, we were able to overcome our difficult living situation and I started going to workshops and participating in recreational trips.

I also participated in a savings project, where I learned to save with the money I collect from my work and pay off my debts.

When my house burned down, the Forsa project team supported us from the moment they learned about it. They brought me some supplies, including carpets, paint, electrical installations and the roof of the house. They also supported my children.

I feel like this project is my second home, even my first. If I need anything, I ask for their help, and they help me with open arms.

They lifted me out of poverty and into a better situation where I was able to pay off debts and I now buy everything we need. My life has changed 100 per cent. I thank them from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you,


*Rima’s name has been changed for safety reasons.

Download this Peace Mail in PDF here.

Local partner profile: The Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR)

Act for Peace’s local partner, the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR), runs the Forsa project – a two-year initiative that works with members of the Syrian and Palestinian refugee community, to assist them in reaching a point of self-reliance.

It is an incredible program that not only helps refugees to meet their basic needs, like food and healthcare, but focuses on long-term solutions through relevant training, and then eventually onto employment or small enterprises. This helps families just like Rima’s to have a reliable and long-term source of income and hope for the future.

Your support is making a huge difference:

Last month, Act for Peace Partners like you came together and raised $49,137.58 to support people just like Rima who have been uprooted from their homes by conflict or disaster. Thank you!

Please pray:

  • For the continued safety and wellbeing of people living as refugees, like Rima and her family.
  • For all the families affected by ongoing conflicts around the world who are unable to return home.
  • For the staff at DSPR who are working tirelessly to support people living in exile.

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