Your February Peace Mail from Thailand

Saw Meh lives as a refugee in a camp on the Thai-Myanmar border. There, she works as a security officer and specialises in women’s security, supporting women as an investigator into gender-based violence. Sharni Boyall/Act for Peace

Dear friend,

My name is Saw Meh. I am a mother and I also work in the security sector. I’ve only been working in this field for one year.

I specialise in women’s security and if there’s ever a case of domestic violence, it’s my job to check
on the woman and ensure she’s taken care of. I believe that when it comes to cases involving women, having a man investigate the situation may not always be appropriate. So there’s a need for courageous women to take on this type of work, and that’s how I came to be in this position.

When problems occur in the community, it is important for me to keep a watchful eye to ensure and maintain people’s safety.

Maintaining the well-being of young people is also important because they want to have fun and enjoy themselves, but we need to check on them, especially if they drink alcohol.

I help by ensuring that their parents are informed. They say to us that it is good to see that their children are also being taken care of by us.

Thankfully, nowadays we are seeing that many are drinking less and we don’t need to remind them as much as we did in previous years. They seem to be responding more to us.

For me personally, I have high hopes for my children. I want them to receive a good education, but they can’t get that here. I would like to send them to a place where they can receive quality education.

Thank you.
Saw Meh

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Local Partner Profile: The Border Consortium

Along the Thai/Myanmar border, refugees from Myanmar have endured decades of exile, living in camps that have become home to generations who have never experienced any other way of life.

Acknowledging the protracted nature of this crisis, Act for Peace’s local partner, The Border Consortium (TBC), are working to ensure everyone within the two northernmost refugee camps on the border receive the support and services they need to live safely while living in exile.

TBC are supporting members of the refugee community to take a lead role in managing the camps. They are also working to support refugees to access the skills, resources and opportunities they need to become self-sufficient and make informed decisions about their futures.

Your support is making a huge difference!   

Last month, Act for Peace Partners like you came together and raised $34,859.46 to help create, together, a world where people uprooted by conflict and disaster have a place to belong. Thank you!

Please pray:

  • For peace in Myanmar, so that generations of refugees can safely return home.
  • For the work of our partner alongside refugees in the camps, helping them to foster safe, inclusive communities where people can belong.
  • For people like Saw Meh, who are supporting people in their communities and keeping them safe.

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