Your April Peace Mail from Jordan

Dear friend,

I am Sada*, Palestinian refugee, who lives in Jerash refugee camp, Jordan. Sometimes this camp is called “Gaza camp” because we came here from Gaza Strip.

I have seven boys and two girls, six of them are married and live with their families.

With your gifts, women like Sada* can receive the support they need from our partner DSPR in Jordan, which helps them with grants and business training, so that they can support their families and journey towards self-reliance. Arthur Tainturier/Act for Peace

When we came to the camp as refugees, I was three years old. Refugee life is difficult, as we suffer for more than 50 years. Because we have no medical insurance for hospitals, we really suffer if we need to go there.

We also face difficulties related to education because they just provide learning from basic grades to seventh or eleventh grades. Regarding livelihood, we faced difficulties three years ago, since the Coronavirus catastrophe began. At that time there were no jobs, so it was difficult to reach out for food. That’s why we reduced the daily meal numbers from three times a day to twice a day.

We have been supported by DSPR for a long time. Sometimes they give us training courses about the daily life and different topics. That’s how to initiate your own project. Sometimes they support us with food rations. After that we have started with “Forsa” project since June 2022 – Forsa means “Opportunity” in Arabic. At the beginning of the training, Forsa provided for us with awareness-raising and guidelines trainings. After that they started supporting us with food support.

One of the trainings we attended was discussing time-management. They gave us courses about budget management and how to control your expenses between saving and spending money. How to endeavour to get your goals and save money to have it. When Forsa called me, I didn’t know anything about the project, but after they explained the topic, I felt really comfortable. They comfort us mentally. The main goal is to reach self-sufficiency and stand on my own feet.

I want to talk about DSPR support in relation to their assistance for the refugees as their kind assistance helped us with things such as food supplies. They helped us with giving us trainings, too. Because of these trainings, I stand on my own feet now.

I would like to see my own project thriving after finishing with Forsa project. I would like to help my son to complete his studies in mechanics to commence his own business to improve our financial condition. I would like to feel secure and stable in our home. Also have paid the debts off.

I would love to be independent and comfortable family and live in peace, that’s it. I am a housewife, caregiver and a widow five years ago. I am the responsible person for all the family members. Home for me is the peace, independence and wellness.

Thank them so much and Allah reward them to the best. I really thank Forsa project a lot. Many thanks for supporters and Forsa project staff for their support and help. We hope this support to be continued for us and the other families.

Blessed efforts and thank you.


*Name changed for safety reasons

Download this Peace Mail in PDF here.

Local Partner Profile: DSPR, Jordan

Act for Peace’s partner Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) supports The Forsa project, which is implemented in Gaza camp, Jerash. The Forsa pilot project started in late June 2022 and targets 50 households, of which 50% Palestinian and 50% Syrian refugees.

Household mentors visit core households to help families determine their needs and how best they can be supported. This starts with helping to support their basic needs, like food and healthcare, then progressing over time to relevant training, and then eventually onto employment or small enterprises. By the end of the project, after two years, the project aims to have 60% of participants with a sustainable livelihood and a level of self-reliance that means they can continue without further support.

Currently, funds raised by supporters contribute to supporting our partner DSPR and the Forsa project as they assist refugees in their journey to self-reliance.

Your partnership is making a huge difference!  

Last month, Act for Peace Partners like you came together and raised $43,256.54 to support people uprooted by conflict and disaster around the world.

Please pray:

  • For all the families affected by the ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Syria, and those who continue to be unable to travel home.
  • For the millions of people around the world who have been uprooted by conflict and disaster, and for those who continue to be affected every day by unjust circumstances.
  • For the incredible support staff working for our partner DSPR and for those operating the Forsa program, who continue to find strength to help others.

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