“It could be any one of us”: What motivates our staff and supporters to keep going

A moment of peace…

Days before heading off on the Act for Peace Trek for Refugees, Alex from the Act for Peace team and Jessica, a passionate supporter, remind me why we do this work together.

Words by Emma, Act for Peace team

“Why do you think you do this work?”, I asked, jumping on a quick interview opportunity as Alex came up for air from her laptop.

Two days out from flying to the Northern Territory for Act for Peace’s first Trek for Refugees, she was knee-deep in the final admin and organisation.

She paused for a moment, really thinking about her response.

Because… it could be any one of us”, she replied.

Alex, my colleague and friend, has been part of the Act for Peace team for two and half years. An integral part of organising our last three Ration Challenges (and an absolute gun at project management), she’s now taking the lead on, and participating in, Act for Peace’s very first Trek for Refugees.

Months of organisation and fundraising in the making, this Saturday, she’ll join 16 like-minded Act for Peace supporters, including our CEO, Janet Cousens and board member, Paul Nichols, to trek the Larapinta Trail.

For five days, they’ll walk in solidarity with our partners, the communities we support, and more than 100 million people around the world uprooted by conflict, disaster or persecution.

It’s been incredible to see this fundraiser come together from ideation to execution and witness what the group have achieved together.

And they haven’t even done the trek yet.

Alex Longstaff has been a dedicated member of the Act for Peace team for two and half years.

Just 17 people have managed to raise more than $80,000, which is mind-blowing”, Alex told me.

They’ve all gone above and beyond, I was really inspired by one participant who signed up late in the game but has been so dedicated with training and fundraising through raffles and walks to raise almost $5000 in less than 3 months!”.

That supporter, Jessica, is truly one of a kind. One of the youngest trek participants, she’s dedicated herself to raising awareness and funds for our partners’ work, documenting her experience on social media to spread the message far and wide.

Jessica, who has raised almost $5000, has been documenting her fundraising journey and raising awareness about Act for Peace on social media.

It’s not very often that we ask ourselves, or more importantly, remind ourselves, why we do this work together. As Alex put so poignantly, it could be any one of us.

And it’s you, our passionate supporters, who also help to highlight this shared humanity.

Before turning back to her laptop, Alex quickly added,

“I know I would want someone to be there for me if I was uprooted from my home, and I know there would be. For the most part, people are fundamentally good and there are so many kind people willing to help other people! I am also motivated by the people that support Act for Peace. I’ve never met nicer, more passionate people in my life and it gives me so much faith in humanity every day!”

I want to thank all of our supporters, including those 17 people about to head off on the Trek for Refugees, for continuing this important work of backing communities affected by displacement around the world.

You motivate us every day.

Take care,

Emma – Act for Peace team

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