What are the effects of climate change on a community? Your December Peace Mail from Indonesia.

Eko lives with his wife Mega and young daughter in Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. Thanks to your support, Mega joined the CWS Women’s Savings and Loans Group which has given her the confidence to begin her business. Your support has also helped Eko who graduated with a bachelor in Agribusiness and is now a rice farmer and the chairman of the Farmers Group in his district. Agung Pranoto / Act for Peace

What are the effects of climate change on farming in Indonesia?

For many communities in Indonesia, the place they and their ancestors have always called home is under threat. Living in a disaster and climate ‘hot spot’ means they are increasingly vulnerable to climate driven weather events and other natural disasters.

Eko shares his experience of climate change as a farmer in Indonesia:

Dear friend,

I hope you’re doing well. I’m Eko, and I’m 28 years old. I lead a Farmers Group in the Sigi District. I want to share how the ‘Disaster Resilience through Enhanced Adaptive Measures’ (aka DREAM) program, and with the help from Church World Service in Indonesia (CWS), has changed our lives.

In our community, our main challenge is changing the old ways of thinking, especially when it comes to farming. Many still use outdated methods, sticking to old beliefs instead of trying new and better ways. We, the younger generation, are working to introduce modern techniques like using weather apps for farming decisions instead of just relying on traditional beliefs.

The DREAM program has been a big help, especially in teaching us about organic fertilisers. Before, everyone heavily depended on pesticides, especially in coastal areas like ours. But thanks to the program, I’ve learned to make organic fertilisers which have been great for our crops.

Climate change has hit us hard, affecting seasons and making pest control much harder. Income has dropped by almost 50 per cent, and managing pests is only successful about half the time. Different planting schedules among farmers also make it even more complicated.

The DREAM program gave me the knowledge to deal with pests and diseases on my own. This has helped me make better decisions and not rely too much on others, making our farming practices more sustainable.

Disasters like floods have made life even tougher. The fear during these events is overwhelming, highlighting the need for more awareness and preparation. Despite the challenges, the program has taught us to be more prepared and vigilant in protecting our homes and livelihoods.

As the head of our Farmers Group, I’m proud that we now have 43 active members. Together, we’re finding new ways to make money, like growing vegetables and raising fish.

I’m truly grateful for the positive changes brought by the DREAM program and CWS. Their friendly assistance has not only improved our farming practices but has also inspired positive changes in our community. My wife, Mega, is also now part of the women’s group that has also been supported by the DREAM project exploring initiatives like savings and loans and is thinking about starting a small business.

Adapting to positive changes is crucial for our community, and we’re committed to being patient and understanding. It’s heartening to see support reaching our remote village, showing that even isolated communities can thrive with help.

Today, I want to thank you for your support. It’s making a big difference in our lives, and we’re excited to continue this journey toward a more resilient and sustainable future.

Many thanks,

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Local Partner Profile: Church World Service, Indonesia
Act for Peace’s local partner in Indonesia, Church World Service, works to strengthen community resilience against the impact of climate change and disasters through the ‘Disaster Resilience through Enhanced Adaptive Measures’ project (DREAM). The DREAM project has helped communities by:

  • Promoting community-based disaster risk management.
  • Facilitating community action designed to increase community resilience.
  • Providing support to a cross section of community members to develop shared goals and undertake activities in pursuit of resilience, including climate change adaptation strategies.

Your support is making a huge difference!
Last month, Act for Peace Partners like you came together and raised $39,231.02 to support people uprooted by conflict and disaster around the world. Thank you!

Please pray:

• For families just like Eko’s who are constantly facing the threat of climate change and natural disasters.
• For the Church World Service team as they continue to serve communities in Indonesia.
• For communities across Indonesia and around the world who are facing climate change and natural disasters.

Act for Peace gratefully acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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