Empowering people to rebuild their lives

26 March, 2024
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4 September, 2023
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Last month, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Penny Wong, released the government’s new International Development Policy, outlining its priorities for Australia’s international development program. What does this new Policy mean for refugees and people affected by displacement?
12 July, 2023
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When Gloria signed up for the Act for Peace Trek for Refugees, she was a fundraising beginner. But with some creativity, a lot of ambition, and the backing of her community, she went on to raise almost $10k to help create a world where everyone belongs.
24 March, 2022
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Harun has worked with Church World Service in Indonesia for over 10 years. Harun is now seeing the positive impact of diversifying incomes as those in Sulawesi adapt to the challenging effects of climate change.
13 November, 2021
As the UN’s COP 26 climate summit ends, we want to share some words from the raw and very personal poem performed by Sudanese-American poet Emtithal Mahmoud at the event in Glasgow.