fundraise with act for peace

Be part of a community working together to help create a world where everyone belongs.

When you choose to fundraise for Act for Peace, you are choosing to take action to create peace, and you can be confident that your efforts, no matter how big or how small, help to create a world where people uprooted by conflict and disaster have a safe place to belong.

Explore how you can get started on your fundraising journey with us, or get in touch to discuss your own fundraising idea.

Fundraise your way

Dreaming of hosting a morning tea, cultivating a beard, embarking on a cross-country walk, or conquering a marathon for a cause close to your heart? We’re here to champion your unique fundraising journey every step of the way. Share your inspiring idea with us, and let’s collaborate to transform your fundraising activity or event into a resounding success. Your passion fuels change, we’re excited to partner with you to make a meaningful impact. Let’s bring your vision to life together!

Take the ration challenge

Over the past 10 years, thousands of people around the world have come together to take the Ration Challenge, raising more than $26 million dollars to support refugees and displaced people – what a profound message of solidarity and change! In 2024, we won’t be hosting Ration Challenge for individuals, however, the exciting journey continues for young people! If you’d like to participate as a school or youth group, you can find more information on our Church and Schools pages.

Celebrate your birthday

As you approach another year of cherished memories, why not elevate the joy of your birthday by creating a lasting impact for refugees and displaced people worldwide? Launch your birthday fundraiser on Facebook today and turn your celebration into a beacon of positive change. Your special day can be a catalyst for transforming lives and fostering hope. Join us in making a life-changing difference — start your meaningful birthday fundraiser now!

Young girl smiling in party hat.

Trek for refugees

We believe in transformative experiences that resonate with purpose. Imagine traversing through breathtaking landscapes, not just as a traveller, but as a symbol of solidarity with refugees and forcibly displaced people worldwide. Picture your evenings, filled with stories of resilience beside a crackling campfire, learning about Act for Peace’s impactful work. While we’re not currently organising treks, your interest in joining our iconic journeys is both welcomed and valued. If you’re ready to take a step towards a trek of a lifetime, filled with purpose and connection, reach out to our team.

other ways to fundraise!

At the core of our mission lies a resolute belief: forging a world of justice and peace demands collective effort. Just as we believe in working together for a harmonious society, we invite your community to embody this ethos. Whether collaborating through your Church through the incredible strength and history of the Christmas Bowl in December or embracing the spirit of the Ration Challenge with your students in June, Act for Peace invites you to stand united against global challenges all year round. Fundraising together isn’t just impactful; it’s a meaningful way to connect with others while doing something important. 

In unity, we find extraordinary strength.

Connect your faith community with other communities across Australia to help create a more just and peaceful world. 

Help your students learn about current global issues, and feel empowered to change the world.