We prioritise the safety of staff, partners, communities and
others we serve.

Our policies outline how we prioritise prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, child abuse, all forms of harassment, fraud, corruption, unethical practice and other abuses of power. 

The following policies in combination with our  Code of Conduct  set out standards that guide how our organisation behaves, how we are managed, how we communicate with the public and how we spend the funds we raise. 

Download our policies:

Code of Good Practice

Our Code of Good Practice sets out the common values, principles and commitments that will shape the humanitarian, development and advocacy work of Act for Peace. It outlines the minimum professional and ethical standards required from Act for Peace and our partners.

Open information policy

Act for Peace is committed to being open and transparent in its work and accountable to its key stakeholders, in particular people affected by conflict, disasters and displacement whom we seek assist. We share information with beneficiaries, partner organisations, supporters, donors and the general public, and are accountable to our staff, volunteers, supporters, donors, suppliers and the Australian governments. The information we publish and how we respond to requests for information are important aspects of accountability. We will proactively publish information, and on request will disclose information, or give reasons for any decision not to disclose (for example, to respect confidentiality or privacy or to protect the safety of beneficiaries). Our key criterion for the decision will be an on balance assessment of the risks and the impact on our purpose, to improve the safety, justice and dignity of communities affected by conflict, disasters and displacement. We will publish guidance about how to request information and the types of information available on request.

To request information, please email Act for Peace: info@actforpeace.org.au

Feedback and Complaints

We’re committed to hearing your feedback about how we’re doing.