Hunger Crisis Appeal

Millions of people on the brink of famine are facing unimaginable suffering. We must act now.

Climate change, conflicts and now the war in Ukraine have created a global food crisis. It’s forcing people from their homes, and leaving displaced and other vulnerable people facing life-threatening hunger.

In the Horn of Africa, an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding. One of the most severe droughts in recent history has left more than 15 million people facing acute food insecurity in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. 

And the fall of Afghanistan has left the population in a desperate situation, with news reports of some families forced to do the unthinkable, and sell a child to pay for food to keep their other children alive.

We can and must help. Please give today to provide urgently needed food, water and medicine.

Makeshift house at Gaanugay IDP camp in Baidoa built by the displaced people who fled their villages due to a conflict and recurring drought.
Mohamed Abdihakim Ismail/FCA
Families in Garissa are losing their livestock and are at risk of losing their lives due to the prevailing drought.
Alexon Mwasi/FCA

In Somalia, nearly 760,000 people have already been forced to flee their homes in search of food and water, and the UN anticipates parts of Somalia will enter a state of famine as early as next week. The last time famine was declared in the country was in 2011 when more than a quarter million people died, half of them under the age of five.

Local partners need our backing.

Act for Peace’s dedicated ACT Alliance partners are on the ground right now in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia doing an incredible job with limited resources.  And our local partner CWS-A, is working hard to provide urgent relief to Afghan people displaced within Afghanistan and into neighbouring Pakistan.

But they just don’t have enough money to help everyone, and they need our backing to reach more people with lifesaving support.

Please give urgently to help provide:

  • Lifesaving food assistance through the provision of food vouchers, money transfers, and the distribution of food aid,
  • Clean water to the most affected communities so people have enough to drink and can keep their livestock alive,
  • Dignity kits that include sanitary pads and soap for women and girls and clean clothes for children to help them manage their health.

As the crisis unfolds in the days and weeks ahead, our response will provide emergency food relief where the impact will be greatest.

Please give urgently today.

Banner: A displaced woman who lives in Tawakal Misre IDP in Baidoa, walks between two IDP camps, built side by side by those displaced by the recent prolonged drought. May 19, 2022. Mohamed Abdihakim Ismail/FCA

All donations are restricted to Act for Peace’s Hunger Crisis Appeal and will be used to support local partners, through the Act Alliance, in the Horn of Africa as well as local partners in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  If funds raised exceed amount needed for this appeal, excess funds will be used to support Act for Peace’s work in other communities around the world affected by conflict and disaster.  Gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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