Progress we’ve made together for displaced people in 2022

Words by Janet Cousens, CEO of Act for Peace

In an age of constant news flashes, often negatively skewed, it’s normal to at times feel overwhelmed by the problems in our world. As we reflect on the year that has been, I’d like to remind you of some of the incredible achievements we made together with our partners in 2022.

Thank you for being a part of this dedicated community in 2022.

It has been a momentous year. Not just for the progress we’ve made together, but because the world reached a staggering new milestone – over 100 million people displaced by conflict and disaster around the world.

The ongoing impacts of climate-disasters, COVID-19, conflicts and the recent war in Ukraine are being felt on a global scale. These intersecting factors are distressing; but for our team and the partners and communities we collaborate with, they only confirm the vital nature of our work and our refreshed purpose:

To create, together, a world where people uprooted by conflict and disaster have a safe place to belong.

Here are just a handful of highlights from our work together in 2022:

1. We supported families affected by the Tonga volcano eruption

Fololeni and her daughter, Emeni*, received cash support from our local partner in Tonga after the volcanic eruption and tsunami in January 2022. TNCC

In January, we raised more than $94 000 to help our partner in Tonga, the Tonga National Council of Churches, to support communities living with the physical devastation, food insecurity and trauma caused by the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano eruption.

2. We helped the many Ukrainian families uprooted by war

Antonia* and Galyna* find safety at a community shelter set up by our partner on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. Antti Yrjönen / FCA

In March, we helped launch the historic first Emergency Action Alliance joint appeal, which together with the Australian Government, the ABC, and other charities raised $28 million to support families uprooted by the Ukraine war. The $1 million raised by Act for Peace’s supporters has helped our ACT Alliance partner, Hungarian Interchurch Aid, to assist 219,253 Ukrainians with basic humanitarian aid, protection activities and other life-saving services.

3. We helped launch a life-changing project for refugees in Jordan

Mikaela and Sharon from Act for Peace take a selfie with the DSPR Forsa team on a recent trip to Jordan. Act for Peace

In June, our partner in Jordan, DPSR, launched a new pilot project called ‘Forsa’ to help back Syrian and Palestinian refugees out of poverty. The two-year pilot, supported by funds raised by the Ration Challenge, will help 50 families living in refugee camps in Jordan to become self-reliant through an intensive, personalised program.

4. We rallied to assist families affected by the escalating hunger crisis

Providing clean water is a priority in Oromia and Somali regions of Ethiopia, as the current drought has diminished the water availability. In some places, people travel for more than 5 hours to access water. HIA / ACT Alliance

In September, we responded to the escalating hunger crisis by raising an incredible $238,655 to provide urgently needed food, water and medicine to people impacted most by food insecurity, including communities impacted by displacement in Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A huge thank you to the Act for Peace community

Whether you took action this year by praying, fundraising, advocating or making a generous donation, the highlights I’ve shared above confirm for me that, collectively, we are making a positive difference in the lives of many.

With our partners, we work with individuals, families and communities directly affected by forced displacement to incorporate their voice and leadership in joint programs and advocacy initiatives. May we look to these resilient individuals – those on the frontline of the displacement crisis – to be our inspiration for 2023.  

P.S. If you’d like to read more about the impact we made together in 2022, take a look at our 2022 Annual Impact Report.

*Name changed for safety reasons.

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