Your May Peace Mail from Jordan

Dear Friends,

My name is Ashia.* I live in Jordan with my family, but we are originally from Syria.  

We lived a happy and normal life in Syria. We had a farm where we raised chickens and planted many vegetables.  

At the beginning of the war and the aerial bombardment, fear and terror surrounded our souls. We tried to flee to any peaceful place in Syria but everywhere was surrounded by the army, so we decided to go to Jordan.  

With your support, Ashia has learned new skills which have enabled her to start a pastry business to help support her family. Arthur Tainturier / Act for Peace

Once we arrived, we felt safe, but feelings of homesickness were never far from our thoughts.  

When we arrived in Jordan, we faced many challenges. It was difficult searching for a job so that I could feed my children. The Department of Service for Palestinian Refugees (DSPR), Act for Peace’s local partner taught me how to make pastries in their production kitchen classes.  

They taught me all the procedures related to selling and preparing the food. After that I started my own business. Now, lots of people buy my pastries. I hope to expand my kitchen production project to benefit many people, especially the forgotten people.  

When I get a ration pack from DSPR, it helps me a lot on bad days. It means that instead of buying the food that is in the ration pack, I can pay the home rent and the electricity bills. 

I hope to see the forgotten people as remembered people instead. Even though we may be forgotten people, we are strong enough to face the biggest challenges and struggles in life. 

Thank you to Australia for being with us in our struggles. 


*Name changed for safety reasons.

Download this Peace Mail in PDF here.

Local Partner Profile: The Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees in Jordan (DSPR)

Act for Peace’s local partner, the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees in Jordan (DSPR), supports Syrian refugees by providing food ration packs to the most at-risk families, as well as emergency hygiene kits containing clothing, soap, and sanitary items to help maintain health and prevent illness and disease.

The program supports refugee women through social and economic training and forums. Women are trained in how to make a living through food preservation, weaving and hairdressing and can use their skills to earn an income and support their families.

The program also addresses the psychological needs of refugees through psychosocial support and counselling services and provides refugee children with a safe space to learn and play through youth and children forums.

Your support is making a difference!  

In March, 983 Act for Peace Partners raised $47,524.64 to support refugee families living in Ethiopia and well as displaced people around the world. Only together can we help communities affected by conflict and disaster around the world – ensuring everyone has a safe place to belong. Thank you! 

Please pray:

  • For the refugees just like Ashia* and her family, that they are not forgotten and receive the care and support they need.  
  • For the kitchen production project and the women living as refugees who are participating.  
  • For the staff at DSPR who are working tirelessly to support people living as refugees.   

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