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Horn of africa drought appeal

Christoph Pueschner/ACT Alliance

Severe food shortages as a result of drought, and ongoing conflict in the Horn of Africa, left millions of people on the brink of starvation, and help was urgently needed. What's worse the complete failure of rains in October to December 2010, and late erratic rains, led to harvest failure, skyrocketing food prices, a decrease in water availability and livestock losses in many parts of the country. Around 1,300 refugees from Somalia were arriving at the Dadaab camp on the Kenya–Somalia border each day, and resources were severely strained. Some new arrivals have travelled as far as 1,000 kilometres on foot and many suffer from severe malnutrition.

Act for Peace responded with emergency assistance in the region by distributing water and food packages, improving existing water supplies and providing emergency cattle feed. Thanks to the wonderful response of our supporters to the Horn of Africa Emergency Appeal, and the Australian Government’s Dollar for Dollar matching scheme, Act for Peace has sent almost $1 million through our project partners to support communities affected by drought and conflict in Somalia and Ethiopia.

Nothing left: "This is the last of my food. Green grams (pulses) and a few beans. I used to grow these myself but there has been no rainfall in eight years, so now I have to buy all food from the market. The prices keep going up. We only have enough food for one meal a day now, and that goes for all people in this area," says Lucia Muvili Ngotho, from Kalimbui village in Mwingi, north east Kenya.

Photo: Laurie MacGregor/ACT

In Somalia

Our project partners in Somalia are among the very few organisations that are able to work in the hardest-hit areas of the country. They have had people on the ground in these areas for many years, and work through a strong local network that ensures rapid and effective action.

They have been at work in highly vulnerable and famine declared areas of Somalia, including the Lower Shabelle and Gedo regions, distributing food (corn, rice, sugar and cooking oil), protein supplements, water, and a special nutritional compound to undernourished children. In Mogadishu, they have drilled wells to supply tens of thousands of people with clean drinking water.

In total, our partners in Somalia reached out to over 70,000 people during the second half of 2011.

In Ethiopia

In the refugee camps in the Dolo Ado area of Ethiopia, on the Somali border, our partners have focused on delivering clean water, sanitation and hygiene. This work has included:

  • Drilling wells to provide clean water
  • Distributing parcels to camp residents containing sanitary items
  • Installing latrines in the camps
  • Conducting hygiene awareness activities.

Due to continuing need in the Oromia region, our partner has supporting more than 35,000 families though the provision of food grain, small animals such as sheep and goats to assist with restocking, agricultural seed, and potable and irrigated water supplies for farming communities.

More ways to take action

Right now, children are starving to death in South Sudan. Please give an urgent gift today to halt this famine before it kills even more children.

Take the Act for Peace Ration Challenge and eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee during Refugee Week (June 2018). Raise money to support refugees who have lost everything, and challenge perspectives – including your own.

Right now, thousands of innocent people are fleeing Syria every day to protect their families from bloodshed, violence and death. We need your support to provide emergency relief packs to the families fleeing in Syria.